Our Mission and Values

Our Customer First Focus is the cornerstone of our overall operating culture.

With our focus on client care, we provide unique supply chain integration, cost reduction, and unparalleled responsiveness and execution tailored to fit your particular needs. We leverage the professionalism, commitment, and skills developed in our people to fully understand our customers’ needs and then envision, create, and sustain advanced workplace solutions that exceed their expectations.

What We Value

We are Accountable to our customers, both internal and external, to do things right and do the right thing—every time.

Integrity means operating with trust, transparency, respect, and assuming positive intent in everything we do.

Teamwork works when we combine our individual strengths to attain our common goals.

Empowering Initiative is essential to continuous improvement and growth.

It is amazing what we can inspire and accomplish with a Positive Attitude.

Learning is the secret to success—individually, collectively, and as a company.

To guide us in creating places for people to reach their full potential, we look to these six principles:

  • Help people work together - Promoting this is the best way for people to solve complex problems and innovate.
  • Let work happen everywhere - Embracing the choices people seek lets them be more effective and expand their networks.
  • Help engage people - So they know they’re valued and want to invest deeply in the organization’s success.
  • Make real estate work harder - So it costs less and increases the appeal as a place for employees to do their best work.
  • Make technology work for people - Make its use easy so it supports people doing their work and advances business outcomes.
  • Strengthen environmental advocacy - Because it is the right thing to do, attracts the best people, and yields better financial performance.

Our passion is creating a better world around you, around all of us. That means we work for the health and well being of our customers, our employees, the environment, and the community. And we do all this by providing furnishings and related services that improve the human experience, wherever people work, heal, learn, and live. In the end, the solutions we invent help our customers’ organizations (and our own) perform better.