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Transform the Open Floorplan

Overlay is a system of freestanding, movable walls that help define space and create visual clarity in open-plan offices.

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Maximize Freedom in a Minimal Footprint

Leeway leverages Geiger’s strength in woodcraft, it's crescent-shaped, cantilevered backrest that allows people to move naturally.

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Support the Evolving Experience of Care

Mora is made to foster better clinical relationships—purposefully designed to remedy basic storage problems and to enhance interactions.

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Canvas Vista
Maximize Your Space

Canvas Vista provides a compressed footprint, without compromising people’s experiences.

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Enable Instant Comfort Everywhere

Cosm instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support without having to adjust a thing.

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Tom And Jerry
A Fresh Take on the Classic

The Magis Tom and Jerry Stool is the redesign of a classic furniture typology, versatile with a hint of playfulness.

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Framery M Bc5F986274378E848E6E0Bf4Ee7F7480
Revolutionize Work Culture

Framery pods offer a solution to noise, distraction and privacy in the office.

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Canvas Channel2
Take a Streamlined Approach

Canvas Channel is a freestanding structure that defines boundaries, utilizes height-adjustable desks and freestanding storage with ease.

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