Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) Compliance

Approximately 1.85 million Ontarians live with disabilities, and as the population grows older, this number will increase. Our organization has made a commitment to accessibility for everyone who uses our services because this makes good business sense, and it is also a legal obligation. Our organization has an important responsibility for ensuring a safe, dignified, and welcoming environment for everyone.

Herman Miller Canada, Inc. (doing business as Workplace Resource) is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for our clients/customers, students, employees, job applicants, suppliers, visitors, and other stakeholders who enter our premises, access our information. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), Customer Service Standard, and the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation for Information and Communications, Employment, and eventually, for the Built Environment.

Statement of Commitment to Accessibility

Herman Miller Canada, Inc. (the “Company”) is committed to the objectives of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“AODA”) and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The Company has made a commitment to be accessible for everyone who uses our services and accepts the responsibility for ensuring a safe, dignified, and welcoming environment for everyone. Providing an accessible and barrier-free environment is a shared effort, and as an organization, the Company is committed to working with the necessary parties to make accessibility for all a reality.

The Company will continue to provide its goods and services to persons with disabilities consistent with the core principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity.

Accessibility Policy

The Company has formulated this accessibility policy to comply with the requirements under the AODA and Integrated Accessibility Standards (“IAS”). This policy describes the various policies and procedures developed by the Company to achieve or continue to achieve accessibility through meeting its requirements referred to under the IAS.

Customer Service Standard

The Company is committed to excellence in servicing all customers including people with disabilities. Please refer to our Customer Service Policy for details about how The Company will deal with the following:

  • Communication and Feedback
  • Assistive Devices
  • Support Animals
  • Support Persons
  • Notice of Temporary Disruption

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The Company has developed and will maintain a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (“Accessibility Plan”) that sets out the Company’s strategy for preventing and removing accessibility barriers from its workplace. The Accessibility Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every five years.

Please refer to the Accessibility Plan for details about how the Company will address the following:

Information and Communication Standard:

  • Accessible Emergency Information
  • Feedback from Customers and Employees
  • Accessible Formats and Communication Supports
  • Emergency Procedures/Plan or Public Safety Information
  • Accessible Websites & Web Content
  • Kiosks

Employment Standard:

  • Recruitment, assessment and selection
  • Accessible formats and communication supports for employees
  • Workplace emergency response information
  • Documented Individual accommodation plans
  • Return to work process
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development and Advancement
  • Redeployment

The Transportation Standard, Design of Public Spaces and Built Environment Standard do not pertain to the Company at this time. Should this change in the future, the Company will ensure it meets the requirements of these standards.

The Accessibility Plan is posted on the Company’s website. Upon request, the Company will provide a copy of the plan in an accessible format. Please contact Human Resources using the contact information noted below.

Recruitment and Career Development

The Company will advise employees and the public about the availability of accommodation for applicants with disabilities.

The Company will notify job applicants, when they are individually selected to participate further in an assessment or selection process that accommodations are available upon request in relation to the materials or processes to be used. If a selected job applicant requests accommodation relating to their participation in the hiring process, The Company will consult with the individual and provide or arrange for the provision of suitable accommodation that takes into account the applicant’s disability-related needs.

When making offers of employment, the Company will notify successful applicants of our policies for accommodating employees with disabilities.

The Company will ensure that the accessibility needs of employees with disabilities as well as individual accommodation plans are taken into account if the Company is using performance management, career development, and redeployment processes.


The Company will provide training to all of its employees and volunteers. Anyone who participates in developing the organization’s policies and all other persons who provide goods, services or facilities on behalf of the Company, will also be trained on AODA and on the Ontario Human Rights Code as it relates to people with disabilities. Training will also be included as part of orientation for all new hires. The training provided will take into consideration and be appropriate to the duties of those receiving the training.

Records of the training provided will be maintained and will include: (i) the dates on which training was provided and (ii) the details of individuals to whom training was provided.

Accommodation Policy and Plans

The Company has developed a written policy detailing the process of accommodation related to disabilities and return to work after a period of absence due to a disability. This policy also includes the process for the development of individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities. If requested, information regarding accessible formats and communication supports provided will also be included in individual accommodation plans. Additionally, the plans will include individualized workplace emergency response information (where required and in accordance with the Workplace Emergency Response Information Standard). Plans will also identify any other accommodation that is to be provided.

Additional Information

AODA - Statement of Commitment and Accessibility Policy

AODA - Accessible Customer Service Policy

AODA - Accessible Feedback Policy

AODA - Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Questions about this Policy

This policy exists to achieve service excellence to customers with disabilities. If anyone has a question about the policy or if the purpose of the policy is not understood, please contact us in person or by e-mail:

In Person: 462 Wellington Street W, Suite 300, Toronto, ONM5V 1E3

By E-mail: Human Resources

Accessible formats of this document are available upon request, please contact us using the contact information noted above.