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  • Designer Bill Stumpf’s dive into Julia Child’s famous home kitchen.

Designer Bill Stumpf’s dive into Julia Child’s famous home kitchen.

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April 13, 2020
Creative spark joy in the kitchen cropped

Take a breather and listen to Workplace Resource's Daniel Martin tell the story of Bill Stumpf's inspirational investigation into Julia Child's home kitchen. As we've all been spending more time at home and becoming master chefs of late, you'll quickly find out it's simply only about joy.

Julia Child's Home Kitchen

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Daniel Martin, Workplace Resource's Director of Service Operations shares his experience with cooking.

I’ve always been interested in cooking and baking and spent lots of time with my mom learning the basics. About 3 years ago myself and two other friends were talking about how busy life had become and we didn’t have as many opportunities to hang out so we thought about getting into an activity or course that we all could do together for fun, someone suggested Baking Arts at George Brown college and the we’ve been doing classes together now for a couple of years. We’ve completed 3 sessions at GBC to date, The Basics, Cakes and Artisanal Bread.

“I think design plays a pivotal role in the kitchen, not only from the perspective of the form, function and utility of the room itself, but also for the food produced within. The saying “you eat with eyes” is a truism that most people would agree with, and design is a part of creating that response to the food we find pleasing to the eye."
"Cooking, and more especially baking, gives individuals an opportunity to express their creativity and apply their own design aesthetic to the finished product. As a baker, when I put a finished cake or loaf bread on the table in front of family and friends, one of the greatest compliments I feel you can receive is “that looks too good to eat”.
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