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  • Something to ponder: What is design?

Something to ponder: What is design?

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April 13, 2020
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This week's Creative Spark contributor Nicole Lowe, Workplace Resource's Senior Design Solutions Consultant answers three of the timeless questions around this topic. Charles Eames answered these very questions and 25 more on the occasion of the exhibition “Qu’est ce que le design?” (or What is Design?) at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais de Louvre in 1972. Forty-eight years later, these questions are still valid.

Watch Charles Eames interview:

Design Q & A
A short film that brilliantly lays out Charles and Ray’s way of thinking about their craft.

Nicole’s answers to three timeless questions on Design:

Is Design an expression of art?

"I believe that they are one in the same. Both come out of creativity & both could be the result of solving an issue or completing a challenge. Both are beautiful." - Nicole

Is there a Design ethic?

"To each individual, yes. Design could be looked at as a moral code to improve the lives of others in some way, whether it be physically or aesthetically." - Nicole

What is the future of Design?

"The possibilities are endless. Creativity is a constant. Design will always follow." - Nicole