Workplace Resource Toronto is pleased to announce we will be joining Contemporary Office Interiors of Canada. As one of the largest dealers in North America, uniting of our companies will amplify strengths and create a powerful and highly capable national Canadian Dealer.

Please join me and the Workplace Resource team, in sharing this next step in our journey. The acquisition brings forward an entrepreneurial spirit to the existing deep investment we have in our local community.

We are excited about what that means for the future, and for all of you. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

January 5, 2022

Press Release

At a time when businesses are reimagining their workplaces, we want to be a leader in that transformation across Canada. The combining of our companies will allow us to expand resources to better serve our clients, A&D, construction and commercial real estate partners. This will allow us to invest in critical infrastructure to increase our speed to market and grow our operational capability in all the markets we serve. This also enables us to meet our clients’ growing demand of national scalability across Canada’s major economic markets. We are excited to be bringing three fantastic companies together.

– Rory Ellis, Chief Executive Officer, COI

Through the merger and acquisition, Daniel Martindale (President and Owner of Business Interiors) will join COI as President and Partner.

We are thrilled to see this deal come to life through this unique and creative partnership. COI, BI, and WR Toronto have long legacies of customer excellence and have delivered outstanding solutions, support, and partnership to our clients across Canada. COI is a founding member of the Herman Miller Certified Dealer Network. With locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Vancouver they have represented Herman Miller across Western Canada for years. In uniting, COI, BI, and Workplace Resource Toronto will now have the ability to seamlessly serve clients across Canada, a requirement for many of our customers today.

– John Michael, President, the Americas, MillerKnoll

About Contemporary Office Interiors:
Founded in 1968 in Calgary, COI has been a founding member of the Herman Miller Certified Network since 1988. Through over 34 years of partnership together, COI has expanded to represent Herman Miller in Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver, providing clients with furniture procurement, design, architectural walls, commercial flooring, installation and logistics services.

About Business Interiors:
Founded in 1982, Business Interiors helps individuals, institutions, and corporations create great places to work. 40 years in the contract furniture business, fuelled by an active partnership with Herman Miller have given us the opportunity to deliver unmatched expertise, service and products throughout Ontario and across Canada. Business Interiors was reinvented in 2017 by their current President Daniel Martindale. Daniel has an MBA from the Ivey School of Business and a passion for business. Daniel brings innovation and creative thinking to Business Interiors’ long tradition of providing value and service.

About Workplace Resource:
Workplace Resource is one of the largest full-service furniture dealerships in Canada.
Founded in 1979, Workplace Resource became a wholly owned subsidiary of Herman Miller as a Certified Dealer in 1995. Based in Toronto and serving the Canadian market for over 43 years, providing a unique combination of resources, tools, products, and services to help our customers create more than a place to work—a space to succeed. Workplace Resource has built a strong and loyal customer base over these years across various industries which include corporate, higher education and healthcare, as well as the architect and design, project management, and real estate community.