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Future of Work - Workplace Strategy Consultation

Contemplating the purpose of your workplace and how it will support business going forward? The pandemic has forced organizations to acknowledge that work can happen anywhere. The goal now becomes finding ways to best support people at home, in the office, and beyond—with an understanding that workers may seek out each spot for different reasons.

With an initial 1-hour discovery session research data and insights are shared, and we evaluate your concerns and desired outcome to your definition for building the Workplace of the Future that is resilient. As we strategize your business goals and drivers, we will review one floor and translate the data onto a floor plan with suggestions to floor plate modelling.

The discovery session and output may include:
• Character assessment to Team types
• Activity-based work strategies sessions
• Employee surveys
• Standards program with a variety of purposeful reconfigurable settings; Workstations, collaborative & communal spaces, wellness settings & meeting rooms
• Well-being insight presentation
• Work from home program
• Flexible Work Arrangement program
• Live Platform data analytics – measure and improve
• Reservation system

This discussion enables a transition beyond how to return to the workplace safely, to a deep dive on the total work experience; People – helping people and the organization thrive and grow, Process – understanding the organization's business focus and creating a more efficient distributed work model and Place – aligning elements of the environment to support emerging needs of people and work processes.