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Return to Physical Workplace Planning

Physically distancing is not the single solution to COVID-19 pandemic future planning. A bundled approach can remind us that safety comes from a collection of interventions. Workplace Resource design consultation services supports you with holistic considerations on employee safety and productivity as you plan returning to the physical work space.

Our focus is to bring together scientific findings and local regulatory mandates to develop functional floor plans and furniture placement guides, addressing the current effects of COVID-19 and future planning. Our approach will dive into short term tactics that maximize employee safety and evolve with long term strategies for designing and managing engaging, productive work environments.

Mitigation measures to consider

  • Physical Distancing - Avoiding close proximity and direct physical contact.
  • Engineering Controls - Creating physical environmental barriers between people.
  • Administrative Controls - Redistributing responsibilities to reduce contact between individuals, and using technology to facilitate communication.
  • Personal Protective Equipment - Wearing non-medical cloth masks.

Types of floor plan adjustments to consider:

  • Staggered Desk Assignment Scenario
  • Dedicated Desk Assignment Scenario
  • Reduce Occupancy of Enclosed Spaces
  • Alternative Applications
  • Prioritize Circulation Space and Sanitizing Stations
  • Convert Meeting Rooms to Sanitizing and Storage

Case Study

Through a collection of interventions, including understanding how our organization’s culture supports practices that promote health and safety, what teaching and guidelines can help influence employee behaviors and how the built environment provides cues that influence behaviors and processes employees can safely return to the office.

Physical workspace planning strategies implemented at our Workplace Resource office:

  • boundary product recommendations
  • sanitation stations
  • physical distancing and circulation planning
  • staggered workstation assignment
  • hot spots and collaborative areas like meeting rooms
  • adjustments for open group areas like cafes
  • repurpose or maximize meeting/cafe space
  • guidance on materiality and cleaning protocols
Physical work planning wr space example 2280x1600px
Snapshot of Workplace Resource's office floorplate and the transformations we made to our physical work space. Our hybrid approach means employees have the option to work from home or come into the office.

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