Asset Management

Are you looking to reconfigure, add or decrease your office space? Manage excess product? Or just be better informed about your total furniture assets? Effective use and management of your furniture inventory enables agility, flexibility and savings.

On-site Inventory Program

Information on furniture assets on-site is gathered to provide a detailed catalog with specifics on manufacturer, location and condition. Workplace Resource will also support building a furniture lifecycle management plan so that you can make decisions with clarity on retaining, replacing and disposition.

Storage Options

Simple Storage
Cost effective temporary storage of non-inventoried product. Choose this option if products do not need to be accessed on a regular basis. Product will be placed as-is (condition received from site/customer) in the warehouse bay.

Managed Storage

Suitable for Customers that reuse or reconfigure their furniture regularly. Product is inventoried with model numbers, finishes, condition and location before placed into storage. This inventory list is kept up-to-date so that product requests are easily located and pulled.

“In the process of future proofing our new office, collaborating with a total solutions provider like Workplace Resource has helped us create a sustainable workplace that puts our people first. ”
WSP / MMM Group Angela W. Lee | Manager of Project Delivery